Make a referral

Health professionals can refer clients or you can request to use our services yourself

Our programs are provided free of charge to women who meet our eligibility criteria. Please note that due to increasing demand for our programs, we are not always able to provide support for all women referred to us.

We provide the following support services for eligible clients.

  • 1:1 birth support (includes 2-3 antenatal appointments, support during labour, 1-2 postnatal appointments)
  • 1:1 extended postnatal support (includes 12 hours support during the six weeks after birth)
  • Group pregnancy support and education sessions for young mums (weekly sessions running from April 2019 in Brimbank and Whittlesea)
  • Group education sessions for women from new migrant, refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds (monthly sessions running from May 2019 in Yarra)

We welcome self-referrals and referrals from agencies and services. Referrals can be made at any stage during the pregnancy, however if the estimated due date is within the next four weeks, please call one of our Program Supervisors on 1300 073 086 before completing this form.

Make a Referral

Please note, we are currently amending the referral form. If you are referring for Group Education Programs please click on ‘Education’ in the models of care section and add ‘Baby Ready’ in the section ‘Additional information about reason for referral’.

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