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Updated: 17 December 2020

Please read this before submitting a referral.

During Final Step Restrictions:

  • Our volunteer doulas are working in a COVID safe way and can now meet with clients to provide in-home Antenatal support, Education and Extended Postnatal Support to all clients as long as COVID-Safe conditions are met.
  • Remote support via phone and video will still be offered to clients who request it or cannot safely be seen at home or in other settings.
  • Due to current hospital restrictions, our doulas generally cannot attend antenatal clinic appointments in person with clients unless an exception has been made by the hospital. They may be able to provide virtual support via phone during some appointments.
  • Hospitals do have some restrictions in place regarding visitors but our doulas are able to attend in person for birth support.
  • Doula support is not intended to replace other services. If your client has additional in-home or psychosocial support needs, please also refer them to relevant family support services or Enhanced Maternal and Child Health.
  • We can accept referrals for birth support for any woman who meets our criteria, and our doulas can provide in-home support in early labour if COVID-Safe conditions are met. However, current DHHS guidance and most hospital policy continues to permit only one birth support person to be present in the hospital unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  • If it is your professional opinion that due to their circumstances, your client needs to have a doula present at hospital in addition to another birth partner, please advocate to the relevant hospital for an exemption.
  • If the woman intends have another birth support person with her and no exemption has been granted, it is likely that our doulas can provide virtual birth support only.

We thank you for remembering that our doulas are all volunteers. Birth for Humankind takes seriously our responsibility to protect the health of our volunteers and their families, and to work safely within the DHHS Guidance and our COVID-Safe Business Plan.

Our programs are provided free of charge to women who meet our eligibility criteria. Please note that due to increasing demand for our programs, we are not always able to provide support for all women referred to us.

We provide the following support services for eligible clients in greater Melbourne and Geelong.

  • 1:1 birth support (includes 2-3 antenatal appointments, support during labour, 1-2 postnatal appointments)
  • 1:1 extended postnatal support (includes 12 hours support during the six weeks after birth)

Our doulas provide one-to-one education tailored to suit the needs of the client as a stand alone service. If your client is in need of additional education support related to pregnancy, birth and the early postnatal period please submit a referral.

We welcome self-referrals and referrals from agencies and services. Referrals can be made at any stage during the pregnancy, however if the estimated due date is within the next four weeks, please provide as much detail as possible about the client. We will do our best to match them with a doula as soon as possible and will let you know if we have been able to.

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