Foundational Doula Training

The Birth for Humankind Foundational Doula Training course is a culturally sensitive training program, with principles of trauma informed practice embedded throughout. Options for learning include an in-person six day intensive course or a fully online, self-directed course. On completion of the theoretical component of the course, you will have the unique opportunity to be matched with three clients [needed to complete the practical birth support components of course], under the guidance of experienced and highly skilled mentors.

Our 2024 course is now available! Find out more and secure your spot here!

Our 2024 course is now available! Find out more and secure your spot here!

Research shows that continuous care throughout pregnancy from a known, trusted support person - such as a doula - contributes to improved birth and early parenting outcomes and experiences.

By enrolling in Birth for Humankind's Foundational Doula Training, you are proactively improving access to equitable maternal care for all women and gender diverse birthing people.

A doula is a highly skilled birth companion who provides practical and emotional support during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.

Why train as a doula with Birth for Humankind?

  • Our Foundational Doula Training will equip you with the skills and knowledge to support women and gender diverse birthing people through:
    - Pregnancy
    - Labour and birth
    - The early postnatal period
    - Navigating the Australian maternal health system
  • You will gain a true understanding of how your practice will contribute to health equity and community-based doula support, which responds directly to, and respects, the cultural and/or social needs of women and birthing people
  • You will experience a trauma-informed and culturally sensitive training perspective via evidence-based practice, and benefit from the value of lived experience and peer learning provided by our experienced team
  • You will graduate prepared to work with all birthing people, including - and especially - Birth for Humankind client groups and other people experiencing financial and social disadvantage who encounter barriers when accessing the health system
  • You will have the opportunity to volunteer as a doula  with Birth for Humankind on completion of your training in order to fulfill the practical birth support requirements to attain certification - our pricing structure reflects this
  • You will receive advice on working as a doula in private practice, that will allow you to grow your own business (if you choose to).

Who can apply for our Foundational Doula Training Program?

  • This course is open to anyone interested in becoming a birth doula – no prior training is necessary

How is the program delivered?

  • Our in person training runs over six days in March (March 4, 5, 6, 18, 19, and 20). After that, there is a one day in person Organisational Volunteer Induction Training session (March 27); or
  • You can choose to do the training as a fully online self-directed learning option.

What is the cost of Foundational Doula Training?

We are committed to building a diverse doula workforce and supporting women to develop employment skills, therefore we have several pricing options:

  • Foundational Doula Training with a commitment volunteer - which includes providing birth support to 3 clients over 18 months from graduation [not including birth support for 3 clients required to complete the training] * = $2,495.00 inc GST
  • Foundational Doula Training with no commitment to volunteer = $3,495.00 inc GST
  • Fully online self-directed Foundational Doula Training = $1,800 inc GST (certificate issued for theoretical component only) OR
  • Fully online self-directed Foundational Doula Training = $2,300 inc GST which includes mentoring to complete birth support for 3 clients required to complete the training (full certificate issued) *suitable for people who don't live in Melbourne and are not able to attend in-person sessions or those who prefer self-directed learning.

Prices include all training, learning materials, mentoring and ongoing professional development opportunities

Financial support and payment plans may be available on request.

How do I apply?

You can find out more and purchase our course here!

For more information please contact Cath Wright (She/Her), Doula Program Supervisor, via this email address

Our 2024 course is now available! Find out more and secure your spot here!