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Victorian Abortion Sector Statement

Access to sexual and reproductive health care including abortion is central to gender equality and promoting the rights of women and gender diverse birthing people.

The Victorian abortion sector is extremely concerned to see the news that landmark abortion access legislation in America, known as Roe v. Wade, has been overturned. At Birth for Humankind, we advocate for equitable sexual reproductive health care and the right for women and gender diverse birthing people to exercise their reproductive rights and autonomy.

Birth for Humankind is one of the Victorian Abortion Sector Signatories, calling for governments and MPs across Australia to continue to commit to and invest in affordable abortion care as a vital part of mainstream health care. We stand with abortion seekers and abortion providers across the world to uphold the reproductive rights of all women and people with uteruses to access safe, affordable, legal and culturally appropriate sexual and reproductive health services free from stigma, harassment and discrimination where-ever they live.

Vic Abortion Sector Statement
Read the Victorian Abortion Sector Statement on Roe V Wade


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