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Submission to the Senate inquiry on universal access to reproductive healthcare

We are pleased to have partnered with the Victorian Women’s Health Services (WHS) on their submission to the Senate Standing Committees on Community Affairs, inquiry on Universal Access to Reproductive Healthcare.

“In Australia we enjoy a world-class public health system. Yet, the sexual and reproductive health needs of women, girls and gender diverse people over their lifespans are not consistently met across the country. Access to contraception, abortion, perinatal, pelvic pain, menopause and other sexual and reproductive healthcare services often depends on the postcode, income, language spoken, residency status, ability, or gender identity of the person seeking care. In order to ensure that all people living in Australia can access the SRH services that they need in a timely manner, reform and coordination is needed at a national level.”

– Women’s Health Services (WHS) submission to the Inquiry on Universal Access to Reproductive Healthcare.

The submission’s key asks and recommendations call for investment in evidence-based solutions to address the gaps that exist in access to sexual reproductive healthcare in Australia, including:

  • Access (cost, availability, referral pathways, gestational limits for abortion)
  • Workforce capacity
  • Health literacy / availability of appropriate, accessible health education
  • Cultural safety

Read the full submission here

In addition to our contribution to the WHS submission, Birth for Humankind also developed a submission to the inquiry, calling on the Government to invest in community-based doula models which would increase availability and accessibility of social-emotional prenatal, postnatal and abortion support.

Read it here

We look forward to the outcome of the inquiry and are hopeful for a shift towards a more equitable sexual reproductive health system – for all women and gender diverse people.

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